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Improv Playworks is an improv school for all ages, regardless of experience. Improv is more than just acting, it’s a way of approaching everyday situations and helps you improve your communication, teamwork and creativity, all while having fun in a safe and playful environment. Join Sheila Goldsmith, head instructor and founder of Improv Playworks, each week to hone your improvisory skills and become part of a team of dedicated, lively students.       Watch a slideshow of our student photos and quotes!

About us
Most of us think of the word “Improvisation” and think comedy performance. This is only one aspect. It goes way beyond the clever funny moments we all see on TV shows like “Whose Line Is It Anyway” and in comedy clubs. Today more and more people in business look to improvisation as a source of knowledge and skills. Learn more

Classes and Programs
Experience the freedom of authentic communication and play, all of this while having fun in a safe and playful environment. We provide a range of online-classes and workshops for all ages. Develop confidence, flexibility, community, and interpersonal skills! Learn more


Upcoming Events
Improv Playworks hosts several events throughout the year, and invites you to join them and experience wonderful the art of Improv. We encourage you to attend our events and free Introductory workshops to be apart of this amazing school and the engaging community that we have developed. Learn more


Improv in the workplace
The skills and practices of improv have far reaching applications in our lives and in the workplace. Improv develops and enhances listening, thinking on your feet, self confidence, idea generation and much more! Learn more


Photo Gallery
Improv Playworks is about being courageous, fun and playful. The photo & video galleries are a great place to see and experience what we’re all about by taking a look at students past and present as they play! View More


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