General Student Information

It is my hope that you find this session of improv classes to be a fun and involving class presented in a friendly environment. We will be learning the basics of Improv such as: Spontaneity, Narrative, Character, Listening, and Responding in the Moment.

Throughout your 8-week session of improv classes, you will work closely and collaboratively with your peers. Everyone will benefit if you arrive on time and prepared to engage in the evening’s activities – late arrivals are distracting to those who are on time. Because improv requires group involvement, your active engagement and attendance is required. Please contact me immediately if you know that you will be absent from a class so that I am able to revise the class and plan accordingly.

Missed Classes: See Payment Policy sheet
You are encouraged to attend all classes. If you think you will need to miss more than two classes in a  session, you should talk to me about opportunities to do a make up session.

Housekeeping notes:
Please feel free to bring a water bottle to drink during class. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Opportunities to Assist in Beginning and Drop-in Classes:
Ask about the options for teaching internships with me! There are lots of interesting opportunities. I also do business trainings and large group facilitation which involves another kind of teacher & leadership training.

Individual Feedback Meetings:
 I offer one-on-one meetings with students who have been with me at least one or more sessions. In these meetings I give the student notes, feedback, and guidance. This is an opportunity to discuss and establish goals for future classes.

End of Session Event:
There are a number of combined group events that we do based on the group’s interests. In the past, we have held an evening Salon combining students from all classes where we invite family and friends to see what we do. We also periodically hold formal performances for the public at The Firehouse Performing Arts Center and a variety of other venues.