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Corporate Workshops
Improv skills are about more than just making people laugh – they’re about listening, collaboration, and working to build something that is bigger than the individual.

Whether on stage or in the office, people love to feel good about working together. There are skills, principles, and attitudes gained from improv that enhance authentic teamwork.

When people connect, communicate, and create together successfully, they are more productive and more innovative ideas spring up. This makes for a more powerful work environment.

We teach the skills people need to form smoothly-functioning teams that can communicate and innovate in remarkable new ways. Our workshops focus on three areas:

Creativity – Where do ideas come from? Can even silly things become great ideas? What is innovation? How does judgment kill creativity? Our techniques and exercises help people unlock parts of their imagination that have been held hostage for years.
Teamwork – Our simulations, exercises and techniques help everyone trust, relax, open up, reduce fear, build on ideas, suspend judgement, cooperate, solve problems, put ego aside, work towards a common goal, and have a lot of fun. (Pretty great…and it works!)
Communication – Explore body language, awareness, listening, spontaneity, status, brainstorming, relationships, eye contact, and playfulness. The more people understand how to communicate, the more they’ll understand each other on new levels while collaborating.

Workshop Options or Design Your Own!

Our workshops are highly interactive, low pressure, and lots of fun. Workshops are customized based on your particular needs and our range of services is vast. All of the following programs can be structured for 1/2 day, 1-day, or 2-day trainings. Training can take place at your company, organization or an off-site facility. Improv Playworks studio can accommodate groups up to 45.

Improv Skills for the Trainer, Teacher, or Coach
Improv activities and principles can enhance virtually any learning environment. In this one or two-day workshop, learn to facilitate improv activities and apply improv principles to create a stimulating and memorable workshop of your own.

Trust and Risk-Taking
Trust is the foundation for all creative and collaborative endeavors. Find out how it relates to risk in this workshop aimed at analyzing the group’s tendencies towards trust and risk-taking.

Change Leadership and Adaptability
This workshop gives you the tools you need to adapt quickly, organize your thoughts, and clearly state your ideas while adjusting to new information. Practice organizing your thoughts when time is scarce, while maintaining confidence, credibility and resilience.

Create Your Own Platter: Improv  for the Workplace Sampler
Can’t decide which program would benefit your team the most? Choose any two of the topics below for a more comprehensive improv experience! The one-day version of Improv for the Workplace Sampler allows for more in-depth exploration of concepts, as well as time for specific strategizing and problem solving.

 Some of our most popular areas of focus include:

Role Play Scenarios
By acting as customers, employees, interview subjects and other key people, improvisers can assist with a variety of training exercises. By using role-play performers, you can give your employees an opportunity to try new techniques to enhance customer service, interview skills, crisis management, or other targeted skill sets.

Communication and Collaboration
These workshops, especially popular with intact teams, focus on the power of improv to build trust, enhance listening skills, and develop cooperation.

Creativity and Innovation
These workshops focus on brainstorming, idea-generation and problem solving. Useful for groups currently focusing on a specific issue(s), or simply wanting to stimulate individual and collective creativity and strategic ability.

Effective for brand new teams and existing ones that need a tune-up, this workshop explores the fundamental principles and exercises of improvisational theater, helping participants to trust, relax, open up, reduce fear, build on ideas, suspend judgement, cooperate, put ego aside, solve problems, work towards a common goal, and have a lot of fun!

Presentation Skills
An obvious application of the performance aspects of improv is presentation skill. These workshops use improv tools and techniques to develop confidence, stage presence, connection with an audience, awareness of nonverbal communication, and presentation skills.

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